Macctron Projects is a 100% black owned and controlled company which was created in an effort to supply the construction industry with general building and maintenance due to the widening gap in the market.


Macctron Projects has the commitment, skill and resources to meet the requirements of their clients. 




We see Macctron Projects rowing into a large construction organization in the next 5 years through guidance, mentorship and knowledge of a one stop shop. 




We are dedicated to total excellence and value-added service to make this company one of the greatest construction companies in South Africa, so that it may fight unemployment and eradicate poverty.




In conducting our business we embrace a core set of values, which are our competitive advantages. We value:


  • honesty
  • integrity
  • reliability 
  • professional quality services


We distinguish ourselves from the competitors by generally building prompt and accurate service to our customers in the most professional, efficient and reliable manner.




  • tiling
  • paving
  • welding
  • cleaning
  • plumbing 
  • plastering
  • security services
  • painting ad finishing 
  • ceiling and dry wall partitioning
  • building and maintenance work